Build an Online Course

The SPH Office of Online Education can help you design compliant and quality online course. No job is too small. We can help you

  • import an existing or new online course into a course shell template
  • convert a face-to-face course into an online format
  • redesign an existing online course to an online format
  • build a new online course from the ground up.

Working with an instructional designer can help you get your course done on time, ensure compliance with quality standards, and optimize student learning. It’s easier than you think.

We want our faculty to become confident in their online courses. We want all SPH faculty to feel like we are here to support them and to guide them through the course design process.

Minhee Kim, Lead Instructional Designer

We'll Help You Design & Build Your Course

Our instructional designers will guide you through the design process and help you answer the following questions:

First, schedule a kick-off meeting with the SPH Office of Online Education to:

  • Identify your instructional goals for the course
  • Discuss your expectations and any challenges to teaching the course online
  • Create a project timeline

Schedule your kick-off meeting by emailing

With the help of our instructional designers, you will create "Collaborate" to form a blueprint for your online course. The SPH OOE instructional designers will help you create a high-quality, highly-interactive online course:

  • Align course and module outcomes
  • Design online assessment strategies
  • Decide on types of interactivity
  • Identify what kinds of learning activities work online and select appropriate tools for online activities
  • Gather and create course content
  • Design an effective online and ADA compliant course syllabus
  • Design the look and feel of your Canvas course site

Use "Collaborate" with designers to apply our compliant and accessible Canvas course template to quickly and easily build your course in Canvas:

  • Create a Canvas practice site
  • Develop instructional materials (PowerPoint slides, short lecture videos, etc.)
  • Test for usability and accessibility

Start teaching the course online with SPH OOE designers by your side:

  • Import practice site into Canvas course
  • Publish your course in Canvas.
  • Get help with Canvas functions and online instructional strategies

Use our course maintenance checklist to connect with resources to keep your course up-to-date and/or troubleshoot problems.

Q: How much work can I expect to put into creating an online course if I work with SPH OOE?
A: Converting an existing course to online: About 10 hours over 6 weeks / New courses: About 20 –25 hours over 15 weeks, depending on content readiness

Q: When do I contact the SPH OOE to get started?
A: Approximately 2-3 months before the course start date. The sooner you get started, the more time SPH OOE has to make this a stress-free experience for you and the better your course will be.

Q: How can I learn more about online teaching at IU?
A: SPH OOE works with CITL, IU OOE and other support units to offer tools like the SPH Faculty Starter Kit: Feel free to contact us first to get started teaching online.